Our goal is to create a space that is safe and welcoming, clean and tidy, with a vibe that is more magic, less mayhem. We won’t succeed without the buy-in of our community. Our people – and their behavior – is everything. Guided by our principles, we’ve created our house rules. If The Wonder is going to be a fun place for kids and adults, we need to set some house rules that everyone needs to follow. Without rules, a busy Saturday can turn into an extra chapter of Lord of the Flies, and nobody wants that. So please, we don’t care who you are, the rules apply to all, and they exist to keep it safe, clean, and civil. Failure to abide by these rules may result in suspension of one’s membership. 

House Rules


Our whole mission is to foster deeper connection in real life, so we deeply discourage the use of phones in the space. That said, we’re not monsters. Here’s the deal:

If you must take an emergency call, we got you. Please inform one of our Wonder Guides and we will look after your child for up to five minutes. Phone calls may only be taken in grownups lounge or at reception.

Purely for safety and experience reasons, no screens ever in the Playspace or when a class is in session, unless you are taking a photo. No social media scrolling, no whats app, no browsing for new jeans.

We strongly discourage screen time in the Cafe and Family Lounge, and strongly encourage socializing.

iPad, Phone, and/or Laptop use is permitted in our Grownups Lounge when your child is in class or being looked after by a partner or caregiver.




We have allocated most of our space to fun and games, not stroller storage. Please help us keep the club fun by storing your stroller properly in the storage room.

We highly encourage the use of umbrella strollers.

At busy times, we will enact “fold-down rule” where strollers must be folded and stored.

If we cannot accommodate your stroller in our storage space, we may ask you to store it outside the club. We are happy to assist you.




To ensure the overall wellness of our entire staff and community we ask that all members and their guests that are experiencing sickness refrain from entering the club.

Members with visual mucus and audible cough may be asked to leave or will be prohibited from entering our space, upon assessment from our trained staff.

Highly contagious illnesses (like HFMD or pink-eye) can really disrupt the club. Sick/contagious children may be asked to leave the club.

Vomit. It’s unfortunate, but if this happens in the club, you must leave the space.




Please remove your shoes during Class periods and upon entering the Playspace. Shoes may be worn elsewhere in the space.



We do not allow outside food to be brought into The Wonder. We have a wide selection of food for all ages and dietary restrictions at our cafe. Baby food, baby bottles, and water bottles are welcome! Any severe allergies should be communicated to [email protected]


We strongly discourage screen time in Cafe and Family lounge, and strongly encourage socializing.

Grownups- please keep beverages in your hand or in our handy drink shelves located at a high level. No food in the Playspace, ever.

Please remove your shoes upon entering the Playspace (and in classes.) Shoes may be worn elsewhere in the space.


Classes for children ages 3+ shall not be accompanied by a parent or caregiver. This does not apply to family workshops (i.e., Crafternoon)

We have a 5 minute grace period for lateness. After five minutes we will give open spots to waitlisted members. We ask all grownups on the waitlist to please wait outside the classrooms until your name is called.


We ask you to check in and out of The Wonder because if we know how many people are coming at certain times, it helps us plan a better experience in the club. So please, please check in and check out

Register all caregivers before they come to The Wonder. This is purely for security reasons.

Members are allowed 6 guest passes per month. Anyone over the age of 1 is considered a guest.