Channel a Higher Level of Wellbeing & Glow From The Inside Out

Glowtime is about making time for yourself, to notice your own energy in your mind, your heart, and in your body.

Glowtime is time to take care of you and feel good!

Practice Your Ommmmmmmm

Find a space in your home that's just for you. Maybe you have a cozy blanket, a yoga mat, and some stuffed animals or dolls to keep you company. We like to practice meditation and do a yoga class here. Check out our yoga class with The Yoga Generation!

Let's Listen UP

Music can make us feel excited, strong, scared, sad, or happy. Listen to these playlists and see how you feel. Move your body to the music!

Dance it Out!

Time to move and groove our bodies! You can have a dance party, do Glowtime with Caitlyn, or learn a new move.

Glow & Tell

This Week, We're Obsessed with Fairy Lights and Bubbles

Parental Mindfulness