Kon'nichiwa, Japan!

Emma, just received a postcard from her adventurous pal in Japan.

Have you been to Japan? We should study up before we take flight in the adventure aviator machine. Complete these activities to be an official explorer of Japan.

Japan lies on the Pacific 'Ring of Fire', a chain of volcanoes which are responsible for the most dramatic volcanic outbreakes and tsunamis in the recent years. In Japan, there are more than 108 active volcanos.

Japanese celebrate many festivals among them the most popular in springtime to celebrate the spring flower season and the cherry blossom. The Gion Matsuri in July is celebrated in Kyoto when the Japanese people dress in traditional kimonos.

The cherry blossoms are one of our favorite trees- they are so beautiful!

Let's Get Ready for Our Trip!


Emma received a postcard from her friend in JAPAN, what did it say?

You can download this Journey Journal, or make your own- it's fun to get creative.

She grabs her Journey Journal, her backpack of supplies, and she's ready to go! Click the video to travel with her, then come back her for more fun.

Nice job, Explorer!


Here is important information for your Journey Journal.

Did you know...

  • Population: 126.5 million people live in Japan (2020)
  • Capital: Tokyo, which is the biggest city in Japan with over 13 million inhabitants.  
  • Name: Japan, in Japanese: Nihon/Nippon
  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy. The Japanese emperor is called Naruhito (2019)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Life expectancy: 83.5 years
  • Currency: 1 Yen (JP¥) = 100 sen
  • National Symbols: crane - birds, cherry blossom -flowers
  • National Day: 3 November ("Culture Day" remembering the constitution, culture and heritage)

QUESTION for your Journey Journal: where is Mt. Fuji?

What does a kimono look like?

Make sure you've captured your notes in the Journey Journal!

Japan Reading List

Time to read. Find a quiet spot to read one of these books. Japan is such an amazing place.

Japan: Activity Section

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The more you know about the ocean and the world that lives under the sea, the more you can help others learn how important it is to save it.

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I Think We're Turning Japanese...

Let's learn more about sumo wrestling, Japanese traditional music, and tea ceremonies..

Well Done, Explorers!

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