Let's Save the Monarch Butterflies

Emma, our favorite curious explorer, is on a mission. Monarch butterflies are in trouble- they are running out of safe habitats in which to live. You, Explorer, can help by teaching others about importance of butterflies, and if you have some yard, building them a safe environment to eat, drink, and relax.

Do you know the name of a person who studies butterflies? Lepidopterology (from Ancient Greek λεπίδος (scale) and πτερόν (wing); and -λογία -logia.), is a branch of entomology concerning the scientific study of moths and the three superfamilies of butterflies. Someone who studies in this field is a lepidopterist! (Say THAT five times fast!)

First, travel with Emma to learn more about the butterflies!


Emma received a postcard from Mexico. Her friend wants her to observe the arrival of the Monarch Butterflies.

She grabs her Journey Journal, her backpack of supplies, and she's ready to go! Click the video to travel with her, then come back her for more fun.

You're on your way to being a true lepidopterist. Nice job, Explorer!

Monarch Butterflies 101

Here is important information for your Journey Journal. We'd like to thank Mr. Paul Mirocha for creating these beautiful illustrations so we can learn!

Look at the body of the butterfly. What are the parts fo the wing called? Can you find the thing that rhymes with Lorax?

Look at the butterfly's lifecycle. What is it called when a caterpillar changes into a butterfly?

Where do the butterfly's travel to in the Summer? Where do they spend their Winter?

Lastly, check out this awesome video about butterflies from our favorite explorers at National Geographic Kids.


Butterfly Reading List

Check out our favorite books about butterflies.Find a nice spot in your home or outside to read for a few minutes before we start our crafting project. Guess what, you can ALSO watch a story time for Ten Magic Butterflies and The Very Hungry Caterpillar if you are a weary explorer.

Butterfly Creativity Project

Let's make something super duper cool to show our family and friends. You pick one!

Butterfly, Butterfly.....

Final Mission: Feed the Butterflies and Yourselves!

Congratulations, Explorers!

You've completed the Butterfly Mission.